Well, hasn’t the weather been gorgeous this week?  We reckon Wednesday may have been the hottest day we’ve ever experienced here (though not elsewhere, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some really hot places including the aptly named Hotazel, but that’s another story).  The garden is full of goodies, worcesterberries and various currants…


…as well as some lovely flowers – these are cranesbills, and are flowering their hearts out right now.  They’re a bit of a weed (ie they spread, but otherwise low maintenance), but so beautiful.


We did a spot of geocaching in the park after a picnic lunch on Tuesday, and discovered a couple of great caches, including one disguised as a bird feeder!  The trees in the park were magnificent in the sun, especially this copper beech next to a variegated holly.



We’ve had some very cool clouds as well, these had been sculpted underneath by the wind. (And no, I’ve not been imprisoned, it’s where we keep the camper, which incidentally has survived the winter perfectly well, thank goodness!)

sculpted clouds1

Sunsets have also been good, and I love watching the sun go down with the sheep bleating beside me.

sunset over padfield

We had an amazing electrical storm on Wednesday night, with lots of cloud lightning.  Husbean managed to get a still from a video – I love the colour in this, all purpley.

electrical storm 150701

Then I spent yesterday at an Ofsted seminar, which was very good, but also provided me with some colour inspiration in the form of powerpoint bullet points.  It’s amazing where you can find good colour combinations!  I think these colours would make a lovely crocheted blanket, not too light, not too bright.  If I ever do make it it’ll have to be called the ‘Getting to Good’ blanket!

colour inspiration ofsted

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