New gear…

It’s been a while, but here I am! And I have a new toy (well, new to me) – a DSLR.  So I’ve been playing. It is spring after all, and it is occasionally sunny…

It’s the Easter holidays, so we’ve been keeping the children occupied with as many outdoor adventures as possible.  Most exciting was a visit to ‘Daddy’s favourite place’, so called because it has lots of rocks.  It’s an old spoil heap from a blue john mine, and is quite out of the way and consequently not too busy.  We like looking for interesting rocks, fossils and minerals, and just playing about.  It’s the ideal place to play with a camera as there’s lots of things to take photos of, as well as the children.  My real interest is in close-up/macro photography, but never having had a *proper* camera I’ve been somewhat limited (though it’s amazing what phone cameras can do these days).

So here we go, a selection of family shots and bits and bobs:











I’ve not got beyond point-and-shoot mode yet (though I am reading hard to understand what I’m doing!) so I’ve deleted all the really dreadful ones (and there were a lot).  But overall I’m quite pleased, and I’m enjoying my playing which is the main point after all.


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